Working with Minerals to create art and furnishings of unique design

Andrea a busty London escort joins design workshop
Andrea joined my workshop this week as our newest member of staff. My small team of 5 people welcome her as our latest new addition. We are constantly looking for creative people to join our design team especially those that have experience with mineral products and integrating them into designs that people want to buy.
Andrea is a very busty girl and that is one of her selling points as many of our clients are men. However, her real talent lies in that she is a sensitive and creative person who just needs some support and encouragement to release the hidden talent that she has in designing furnishings and patterns with mineral-based paints and fabrics.
Our workshop designs are styled after the natural and organic consumer demand trends over the last 15 years. Such products and services used to be very niche in design but increasingly products and services such as ours are moving into more mainstream thinking and we believe in the future that will continue to be the case.
Demand has outstripped supply and we needed Andrea to join the company part-time aa minimum extra 20 hours per week. And I hope she will become a full-time team member.
She even enticed some of her clients from a palaceVIP  agency where she works part-time, to invest our design and they purchased several products from us this week even before she started.
I am so happy that Andrea being a busty escort has added value even before she started and I hope that in the future she will bring even more clients to us. We are not wanting to steal clients from the agency but they are good clients. So they are welcome here.